As a side project for fun I like to make things blink! Below are a few examples of ongoing and previous projects.


This is a project I did for a friend for a wedding he went to. More info (and hopefully tutorial soon) can be found on the AV Riot blog post about the hat.

Here is a carbon fiber LED matrix laptop case built in collaboration with Ill Gates.

More info can be found on the AV Riot blog post on this topic. Tutorial coming soon!

These are a set of fuzzy leg warmers and a hat which are both sound and motion reactive. They are wirelessly connected too so the wearer is not tangled up in wires!

More info and photos can be found on the blog post here.

This is a fully addressable LED top that is sound reactive as well. The top can also do other cool effects including small animations and scrolling messages.

More info, photos, and videos can be found on the AV Riot website.

Here is a quick movie of a project I got to work on with the amazing artist Sudhu Tewari.

More info and pictures can be found on an AV Riot blog post.

This a project I did with my good friend and the fantastic designer and teacher at Yes Creative Lab for a performance of the Firebird Dance Studio a few years back.

This was meant to simulate the illumination from the Sun or Moon at different points throughout the performance.

More info can be found in a blog post on this subject.

I think this is the first blinky project I ever did, though its technically glowy, not really blinky.

The boots are made from fuzzy fur and EL Wire. More info about construction is in a blog post.