Most of my current interests revolve around the developement of AstroBlend, a Python library for 3D interactions, analysis, and visualization of numerical simulations. I also do some educational outreach using Arduinos and things that light up.


ytini is a series of data readers and Python scripts to make importing scientific data into the special effects software Houdini a bit easier.

We've recently gotten some preliminary methods for treating Adaptive Mesh Refinement data, and a full tutorial on this topic is coming soon (see blog for more details).

In the meantime, check out the cool AMR image below:


AstroBlend is geared towards being accessible to scientists as well as 3D artists. Below are some images and movies generated with this software. More can be found here, and here.

Video showing a short test of using AstroBlend to visualize astronomical data, simulations, and artistic models.

Image showing gas inflowing towards a galaxy, colored by temperature as rendered by AstroBlend in Blender. Each face of the mesh is made to glow according to its bremsstrahlung emissivity.


I've also done some work with yt, another tool for use in astrophysical visualizations and analysis.